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Reselling Ringio for VOIP integrators

If you are a telecom expert and have VOIP experience, maybe there's a way to partner with Ringio.

For example, if you integrate and resell telecom implementations on platforms such as Asterisk or FreeSwitch.

Ringio could be the software that your clients use, and we could do the distribution of the incoming calls, while your installation would provide the dialtone.

The bottom line is that we want to help you sell Ringio in any way we can. We don't have a formal reseller program but we are happy to share revenue with partners who bring us business.

Technically, Ringio runs on the Voxeo Evolution platform, so if you can make SIP calls into their trunks and you can receive SIP calls into the endpoints of your customers it should be possible to make some neat integrations... this is not supported out of the gate with Ringio but we want to know what it would take to make it possible for people like you to bundle Ringio with a PBX or advanced telephony server.

Other options are iNum.... etc, if Voxeo accepts the call, then we can route it to Ringio.

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